Cutting Costs:

Cutting Costs: Successful Strategies for Improving Productivity

Selected Contents (examples of topics covered in the book):

What Would Your Business Do with Cost-Cutting Savings?; Establish Cost-Cutting Objectives; Form Teams or Committees; Use Consultants; Set Goals for Everyone with Budget Responsibility; Incentive Programs; Supply-Chain Partnering; Just-in-Time; Kaizen; What's in It for Me?: The Employee's Viewpoint; Be Cautious of Cutting Costs in Certain Areas; Analyze Budget Expense History; Review Top Suppliers; Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate; Conduct Survey Interviews; Employee Suggestion Programs Seek Free  and Services; Perform Productivity Analyses; Ask for It; Spend Money to Make Money; Obtain Competitive Bids for Goods and Services; Use Internet and Other Available Technology; Establish Consistent Policies and Procedures; Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open; Trust Your Instincts; High Volume Equals High Opportunity; Improve Productivity and Efficiency; Eliminate Bottlenecks and Constraints; Ask "Why?" and Do Not Accept "Because It's Always Been Done That Way"; Plan, Track, and Control Budgets; Establish Budget Expenditure Approval Levels; Is It a Nicety or a Necessity?; Product Development and Design; Product Liability; Preventive Maintenance; Service and Maintenance Agreements; Promote Safety; Security Measures; Raw Materials and Purchased Parts; Inside versus Outside Services; Relocations, Acquisitions, and Consolidations; Sell Excess Equipment; Paper Usage Reduction; Recycling; Freight Practices; Product Packaging; Communications (Mail, Facsimile, Telephone, and Email); Travel and Entertainment; Scrap and Rework;  Overtime; Quality and Service "As They Should Be"; Understand Your Quality-Related Costs; Do Things Right in the First Place; Inventory Control and Accuracy; Retain Good Employees; Justify All Replacements and New Hires; Effective Use of Temporary and Part-Time Employees; Bargain with the Bargaining Units; Prepare for and Manage Change; Employee Benefits; Policy Regarding Supplier Gratuities; Avoid Recruiting Fees; Reductions in Force; Conduct Exit Interviews; Decide What Metrics to Track; Set Fair Standards of Performance; Maintain, Monitor, Analyze, and Use Statistics; Follow-up and Accountability; Give Credit Where Credit Is Due; Performance Review Process; Recap of Key Points; Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan; Brief Descriptions of Successful Cost-Cutting and Productivity-Improvement Projects Performed and Written by Various Managers and Consultants