Cutting Costs: Successful Strategies for Improving Productivity

Cost Cutting Business Books: Pitfalls to Avoid



The reason why most businesses dread the cost cutting exercises is that they are afraid that their product and service quality will decline or that thier employee may leave them. It is difficult to balance the art of 'cutting costs' and the science of 'cutting your workforce'. Most cost cutting business books fail to tell you about how to handle your reputation and your business at the same time, without resorting to 'unfair practices' - be it your employees or your customers.


Fred H. Neu's book - 'Cutting Costs: Successful Strategies for Improving Productivity' - is different. It explains your employees' viewpoint and alerts you against being a nit-picker in certain areas that hurt your business. It deals with strategies to ensure profitability of your business, such as conducting surveys, incorporating technology and policies at your workplace, taking security measures, obtain competitive bid prices for the raw materials and services you require, product packaging and even recycling. 


Do you wonder how could Fred include so much in a single book? It is because he has gained so much experience in a single lifetime by offering management consultancy to hundreds of clients in the US, Canada and Europe. Check it out!



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